Council Approves COVID-19 Spring-Summer Activity Policy

Stan Clouse and Jamie Becker from NPPD attended the March 1 regular Minden City Council meeting to explain upcoming NPPD projects and the recent rolling blackouts experienced by customers. A project replacing FXB recloser controls with Form 6 controls at the north Minden substation was the first order of business.

The FXB controls have been outdated for a number of years and need to be replaced. The project cost is slightly higher than estimated, but still within the budget. Clouse told the council it will take about one week to get all six controls switched out and power customers shouldn’t be affected during the process. The NPPD project of $72,323.21 to replace FXB recloser controls with Form 6 controls at the north substation was approved.

Explaining the rolling blackouts experienced by NPPD customers during the extreme cold weather last month, Clouse informed the council that NPPD is a member of the Southern Power Pool (SPP) which oversees the bulk electric system and wholesale power market in the central portion of the country. SPP serves as a balancing authority to keep the flow of electricity stable and reliable.

see March 10 Courier for full story