Council Approves Generator Project Bid Specs At Meeting

The City of Minden has been working with Miller & Associates on a generator project to supply emergency backup power to key City buildings and maintain the City’s sewer lift stations. Details of the project and bid specifications were brought to the Minden City Council during the May 3 regular meeting.

The project includes installing stationary generators for the Recycle Building and City Hall designed to automatically switch to generation mode during a power outage and one portable generator for the primary purpose of maintaining power to the sewer lift stations. In the future, when funds allow, it is the goal to have two portable generators to maintain power at the sewer lift stations.

The City currently has two generators for emergency power to the water treatment plant and the waste water treatment plant. Eventually the City will need to consider additional fuel storage for the diesel generators in case of delivery issues. At the time of the meeting, the council was asked to consider the bid specifications provided by Miller & Associates for generators at the Recycle Building, City Hall, and lift stations 3-7.

see May 12 Courier for full story