Council Approves H&R LLC Plan At Nov. 15 Meeting

The Minden City Council opened a public hearing to consider approval of H&R LLC TIF Redevelopment Plan for the area generally described as the North 334 feet of the West 234 feet of Lot 3, Block 1, MEB Addition during the November 15 regular meeting. No public comment was given in approval or opposition of the matter and the hearing was closed. The H&R LLC TIF Redevelopment Plan was approved by the council.

Kearney County has scheduled a resurfacing project for 33 Road. The City is collaborating on the project to resurface the portion of 33 Road adjacent to city limits. The City’s portion is approximately one third of the total project. Estimated cost to the City was $40,000, but the actual cost came in substantially higher at $91,883.23.

Kearney County Highway Superintendent Randy Smith attended the meeting to answer questions about the resurfacing project. He informed the council the higher price is reflective of material costs rising. City Administrator Matt Cederburg provided an overview of where the additional funds for the City’s portion of the project will come from. The council approved the City’s portion of the 33 Road asphalt overlay of $91,883.23.

see November 24 Courier for full story