Council Discusses Future Of Chautauqua Park Shelter

The Minden City Council met on Monday, November 19 and breezed through its agenda in a little more than 30 minutes to conclude its monthly business.
The first item on the agenda was for the city to discuss its payment procedures for original installation of sidewalk ramps at street intersections in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).
City Administrator Matt Cederburg began the discussion by saying he has been in talks with the regional ADA director about clarifying what are the city’s obligation to this matter. After a couple of calls to get clarification it is the city’s obligation to pay for the ADA ramps up to a certain point when it becomes the cost to the home owner.

The final item on the agenda was the council discussion concerning condition and long term options for Bandshell at Chautauqua Park, whether to repair or demolish.
Mayor Roger Jones started the conversation by saying that there have been more incidents concerning the shelter including wrong folks hanging around at the wrong time of the day and night.
“It is rarely used as it has been in the past history when it was used for band concerns, etc.,” stated Jones. “We looked into this six years ago when it was in need of repair and if I remember right it was around six figures at that time to get it fixed.”

Read the story in full in the November 28 issue of the Minden Courier!

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