Council Purchases New Mower, Crack Sealer

The Minden City Council held its final meeting for the month on January 22 in the council chambers.


The council had 11 items on its agenda and moved through the meeting quickly. Councilman Ted Griess was not present at the meeting.


The first agenda item crossed off the list was Karen Labenz with Dana F. Cole to present the audit report for fiscal year 2011-12 to the council. Labenz went through the audit with council in case they had questions detailing pros and cons about the audit. Labenz told the council overall it was a good report.


Next the council took up a citizen requested agenda item from Ed Sheen, to consider discussion of petition for Drainage Improvement District and Street Improvement District on Tower Street between 6th and 7th Streets. Sheen put it on the agenda to figure out what happened to a petition for a street improvement district he had filed in 2008. City Administrator Matt Cederburg said they went through the meeting minutes and records and found the petitions from 2008 that Sheen had filed out but it was for street and not drainage district. The city did not move on the action and there was not an ordinance drawn up for a street paving district. This was due to a heavy rain that flooded the area.


The full article can be found in the January 30, 2013, edition of the Minden Courier.

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