Council Says No To Backyard Chickens

The Minden City Council voted against altering city ordinances to allow for citizens to keep chickens in their back yards at their meeting on Monday, May 21.
According to comments from both Mayor Roger Jones and Council President Ted Griess, response to the issue on the city’s Facebook page, as well as the city website produced mostly negative feedback, with citizens concerned with noise, as well as the attraction of other animals.
Delores Barncord commented in the meeting that she had “looked at several things.” Her concerns included the cost of a manageable chicken coop, which she said could be $300-400 for something to house three or four hens. Additionally, she worried the cold winter months would prove deadly in such a setting.
Barncord added the presence of chickens in town would bring snakes, rats, possums, raccoons, and said she was “still very very much against having chickens as neighbors.”

For the full details, check out The Minden Courier

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