Council To Revise Chapter 94

The Minden City Council decided to make more revisions to Municipal City Code Chapter 94 before approving the first reading of the ordinance at their meeting on December 5.
When the Chapter 94 agenda item came up. Mayor Roger Jones opened the floor for public comment, asking presenters “limit time to reasonable amount.” Teresa Sumstine was first with her hand up. She took issue with the language of several parts of 94-69 section C1 number four. She quoted from the ordinance “outside storage behind principal building” and asked how the city can limit usage of specific parts of privately owned land. Also in the ordinance is a requirement for “approved fences” and Sumstine pointed out the vague terminology, asking who would determine approved fencing, who would be responsible for the costs of such fencing and if the city had a time line when all those regulations must be met.

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