Council Works Through Full Agenda

The Minden City Council had a full agenda to work through during the February 16 regular meeting. Several of the agenda items concerned the City Utilities Department.

A proposed letter of agreement with Olsson Associates would provided SCADA on call engineering services for the Minden Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant. Through the agreement, the Minden Utilities Superintendent would have expert assistance available out of the Lincoln Olsson Associates office as needed at a cost not to exceed $25,000 for the calendar year. The letter of agreement was approved.

Purchase of a WWTP squeeze press for $86,300 was approved by the council. The squeeze press is needed to aid in the removal process of non-organic solids and trash from the wastewater stream entering the WWTP and should have been installed several years ago when the bar grate was installed. With the squeeze press, screenings will be more compact creating less volume sent to the landfill and a more sanitary bar grate area at the WWTP.

see February 24 Courier for full story