County Attorney’s Office Moves To Courthouse

The Kearney County Attorney’s office has a new location and a new look, thanks to quick action by the Kearney County Board of Supervisors and building custodian John Dorn.
The County Attorney’s office officially opened on the main floor of the courthouse on Monday.
Following the hiring of Deputy County Attorney Neleigh Korth in February, the Board of Supervisor made the decision to move the County Attorney office to the first floor of the courthouse.
“We knew we would have to find a new location for the office because she did not intend to have a private law practice,” said Dick McBride, Kearney County Supervisor. “Unlike past county attorney Dave Wondra, Neleigh’s only duty will be to act as the county attorney.  We felt we had the space to provide the office in the courthouse.”
The move will save the county money and make the county attorney’s office more accessible to the public and the court system.

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