County Board Amends Floodplain Regulations

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors amended the floodplain regulations after a public hearing during their meeting on November 8. In compliance with FEMA technical bulletin 11-01, the new regulations allow for crawl spaces to be built up to four feet tall, and up to two feet below ground level. The crawl spaces must have appropriate venting and draining outlets. Before this amendment, crawl spaces were considered a “basement” floor, limiting contractors’ flexibility. For those looking to build on or the near the floodplains, the new guidelines provide more options.
The Board of Equalization opened the meeting, approving tax list corrections of $110.72 which had been paid in advance, and $14.08 which was reduced from 2010 as presented by Barbara K. Lynn, the county treasurer. The board also approved a vehicle exemption for the 1999 Le Sabre used by Bethany Home to transport patients to and from appointments. That was the only business on the agenda for the Board of Equalization.
After the Board of Equalization adjourned, the Board of Supervisors heard from Jeff England, Kearney County Emergency Manager, who asked for a decision from the board on the Platte River Ice Jam Agreement. The initial cost to take part was $2,400 and there was no guarantee that money would be needed in Kearney County. Board member Richard McBride expressed concern that “the money could sit there for ten years” and not be used. England himself said, “My gut feeling is to let it go and not do it.” Grand Island had already declined to participate, and there was feeling among board members that much of the roads covered in the agreement would also be treated by Buffalo County, who has paid to be a part of the program.

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