County Board Approves New Districts

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors approved new supervisor redistricting during their meeting on Tuesday, October 17.
With the new divisions, each supervisor oversees a district of around 900 people.
The board heard an update from Christina McIntire, the CASA director, who said the program now has 17 children and 10 volunteers responsible for them.
In all, CASA now has 20 trained volunteers, and the organization is focusing on making sure the judge is fully informed on each child to make the best, most expedient decision.
In the last fiscal year, ending June 30, 2011, CASA volunteers accounted for 617 hours in Kearney, along with $5,932 in mileage.
With their volunteers, CASA is working on improving communication that arms everyone with the tools they need to let people know what the organization does and what CASA needs.
CASA currently has two staff, working eight hours each per week, five advisory board members and six resource committee members. The $4,000 CASA received from the county board accounts for 30% of their budget.
Nationally, the average cost per child in the program is $980, whereas Kearney County children are costing an average of $799. Volunteers cost a national average of $2,940, but only $679 in Kearney County.

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