County Board Considers Possible Reservoir Across Sandy Creek

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors agreed to proceed with Tri-Basin NRD’s plan to build a reservoir along Sandy Creek at their meeting on Tuesday, June 19.
John Thorburn from Tri-Basin NRD presented a basic plan to the board, explaining that the project was still in its infancy. But the NRD wanted the board’s input on potential interest in a dam built with road atop, possibly to make 38 Rd. a through street, as opposed to a simple reservoir.
NRD was hoping the project would reverse the struggling ground water recharge.
Thorburn said land owners in the area expressed the most promise, with the lowest cost, in a location the NRD labeled “Site 2” at the intersection of section one of the Lincoln township and section six of the May township.
The dam was planned to be 18 feet high, with power lines limiting the height to which the water can be backed up. Thorburn said early geological work seems favorable to the location.

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