County Board of Supervisors Agrees with Miller and Assoc. on Courthouse Windows

On Tuesday, August 16, the Kearney County Board of Supervisors accepted the proposal from Miller and Associates to start the paperwork on the project of replacing the courthouse windows. The Veteran’s Committee presented a plaque to retiring committee member Dennis Osterbuhr. The board then approved the bills and claims.
Miller and Associates presented a detailed plan for the courthouse project, including paperwork to the proper channels, such as the State Historical Society, as the courthouse is considered a historical site. They have to photograph every current opening. There are no current plans of the building, so plans will need to be drawn, and they will need measurements for a proper floor plan.
Once 95% of the paperwork is done, Miller and Associates will bring the plan to the board for final approval to bid it out. The plans are then submitted to local authorities. There was discussion of involving the high school shop class in making the framework for the windows. It was expected to take a minimum of eight weeks to get the paperwork together, targeting a spring construction. The board discussed the preference to have it done before June 1, so that the cost could be included in the current fiscal year. The job cost was estimated between $140,000 and $160,000, plus architectural fees of about $20,000.
The council then went into budget reviews. There was not enough growth for capital investments, so the court costs were moved into inheritance. $200,000 was moved to capital investments for the window project, and $100,000 was moved in from the hospital. Capital investments are tax excluded. The public hearing for fiscal budget was set for September 6.
Randall Smith presented to the board that the watering and packing of the road by the golf course was delayed by the rain. They plan to put six inches of compacted clay on top.

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