County Supervisors Discuss Drainage In Ditch By Fredericksburg Cemetery

Guidelines restricting gatherings to ten people or less changed the way the Kearney County Board of Supervisors March 17 meeting was conducted. Supervisors Larry Landstrom and Wayne Anderson participated in the meeting remotely through Zoom while members of the public were asked to step out of the chambers until the agenda item they were attending for was up.

Bill Nielsen spoke to the board about drainage problems near Fredericksburg Cemetery. Water that is supposed to be diverted to the west ditch isn’t making it there and ends up covering the road. Several factors are involved in the drainage issues including an inoperative structure to hold back water, undersized culverts, and damage to culverts and dike walls.

Highway Superintendent Randy Smith addressed the problems saying they can clean out the east ditch so it can handle more. There is some work that can be done to make the culvert that runs under the highway work better for now, but eventually it will need to be torn out and replaced which will be costly and take time.
see March 25 Courier for full story