County Supervisors Hold One & Six Year Road Hearing

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors opened the One and Six Year Road hearing on February 4 in the courthouse assembly room with many residents in attendance. Highway Superintendent Randy Smith presented the One and Six Year road proposal.

To begin, Smith reviewed the road projects completed in 2019. New asphalt was laid on 2.6 miles of county roads and one half mile was graded from minimum to local standards. A number of bridge repairs, driveway extensions, and tree removals were done. Smith reported several road projects scheduled for 2019 have been carried over to the new one year project list because of the time spent trying to repair roads from flood damage last spring. 

Approximately 78 miles of flood repairs were done to county roads. The damage was estimated at $97,000. FEMA will be reimbursing the County for approximately $88,000 in damages. An extra dump truck ran all season in an effort to with dirt and gravel hauling needed as a result of the flood damages.

see February 12 Courier for full story