County Supervisors Hold One & Six

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing for the County One & Six Year Road Plan during the February 16 regular meeting. Several members of the public braved the arctic temperatures to attend the hearing.

Highway Superintendent Randy Smith presented the One & Six Year Road Plan which included an overview of projects completed in the last year, planned projects for this year, and projects that will be addressed in the next few years.

The One Year Road Plan includes three surfacing projects. Five miles of microsurfacing on W Road will be done in conjunction with Phelps County to smooth the road surface and extend the life of the road. The County will work with the City of Minden to resurface the full mile of 33 Road from L Road to M Road. One lane of traffic will remain open throughout the project so the truck route can continue to be used. The final surfacing project is the paving of S Road leading to Awarii Dunes.

see February 24 Courier for full story