County Supervisors Revisit Courtroom Security Discussion

Courthouse security was back on the agenda during the Kearney County Board of Supervisors June 15 meeting. County Attorney Melody Bellamy explained to the board why the matter was brought up and what the judges are requesting.

A recent social media post made reference to the lack of security at the Kearney County courthouse in reference to an upcoming court case and encouraged others to flood the courtroom. The courts and Kearney County Sheriffs Office are addressing security for that case, but it highlighted a possible security deficiency that Bellamy believed the supervisors should be made aware of.

The judges are requesting that a deputy be present in the courtroom for all court dates and in some cases, where security is more of a concern, that everyone be wanded before gaining entry to the courtroom. Currently a deputy is in the courtroom only when requested. This system has been working okay so far, but judges are concerned about the unknown consequences of the comment calling out the lack of security at the courthouse.

see June 23 Courier for full story