Couple Works Toward Adoption Of Russian Orphan With Down Syndrome

Paul and Michelle Mosley of Minden, always knew they wanted to adopt one day, so when they saw the advertisement for Reece’s Rainbow in the Kearney Hub, it jumped out at them immediately.
Reece’s Rainbow was established to rescue orphans afflicted with down syndrome around the world. They also help raise funds to be used as grants for adopting families.
Michelle Mosley has 14 years of experience teaching life skills and special needs classes in Kearney. “I love life skills and special needs.” she said.
In their early research, they were able to connect with four other families in Kearney who had adopted oversees. Paul added that children with down syndrome are “not very welcome over there. They are perceived as garbage.”
In fact, in many of these countries, there is concern that American adopting parents are doing so to harvest the child’s organs.
After seeing the Reece’s Rainbow ad, the Mosleys knew this was what they’d been looking for. After scouring the website, the Mosleys found a 5-year-old Russian boy named Artem and fell in love.
Shortly thereafter, the Mosleys had begun a home study, the first step in the long international adoptive process. They contacted a person with knowledge of Artem and at that point were committed to making him a part of their family.
The total cost for the adoption will be $35,000 because, according to Russian adoption law, the Mosleys must go through an adoption agency.
The process begins with classes, fingerprints and paperwork, and includes two trips to Russia.
The first trip serves the dual purpose of letting the Mosleys meet and bond with their son, and fulfill the administrative work required to bring the adoption before a judge who has the authority to approve it.

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