Courier Office Is Moving

The Minden Courier office is moving off the square. There are still lots of ways to contact us and we will continue to bring you Kearney County news and sports every week.

After Friday, October 30 The Minden Courier will operate from home. We continue to welcome questions, submissions, and comments from our readers and advertisers. 

Contact with The Minden Courier will still be possible by phone at (308)832-2220, by email at (Jim Edgecombe) or (Cindy Ramsey), by mail at P.O. Box 379, Minden, NE, 68959, or by sending a message on our website or on our Facebook page.

see October 14 Courier for full story

*Due to unforeseen technical difficulties in our office, The Minden Courier will be operating remotely starting immediately. We are still in the process of transitioning to this new form of operation and appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.