Dahlgren Rides In 2019 Great Cycle Challenge

The 2019 Great Cycle Challenge encouraged cyclists from across the country to get on their bikes to raise money to fight kids’ cancer in June. AJ Dahlgren of Axtell joined the cause with a goal of riding 200 miles by the end of the month. The challenge fit with his active lifestyle and the cause made the effort worthwhile.
“Cycling really hasn’t been too regular for me until this month, but I do enjoy it more and more all the time. I try to mix it in with some other activities like running and kayaking for a little bit of variety,” Dahlgren explained. “Whether it was for a running or cycling, I’ve only participated in events that were fundraisers of some type. I thought this sounded like a good opportunity to do that again. It’s an opportunity to push myself as well.”
Since it began in 2015, the Great Cycle Challenge has grown to be one of the largest cycling events in the nation. People of all ages and abilities and from every state get involved. Social media has helped increase participation in four short years.

see July 3 Courier for full story