Dalton Sinsel Signs With Hastings College

Minden high school senior Dalton Sinsel has chosen Hastings College as the place to continue his education and compete in shooting sports.

Here are the responses to a recent interview:

1. What made this college the choice to continue your shooting career and what made it a best fit for you? “One year ago I would have never seen myself going to a four year college. Let alone signing to one. To this day, I still can’t believe it. I knew I wanted to shoot at Hastings College the moment I first met Michael. Michael is an amazing person and an even better coach. I knew it was going to be a great fit for me once I saw how many ways I could expand my shooting abilities. Being in rural Nebraska I never really went to big registered shoots outside the six week conference. Being able to put myself out there more and more will improve me as a shooter but also as a person. I see Hastings as an opportunity to have a fresh start for me and also start where I left off with my shotgun.”

2. What other schools were you considering? “I was considering going to NCTA in Curtis. In and Out quickly some shooting is available. I was also starting to look at Wayne. Wayne has a good business record, but that’s really far from home. Home was a big reason Hastings really worked for me. My mom needs to be able to do announcements.”

3. How do you think the transition to collegiate level will be and what do you see as strengths you will bring to the shooting program? “The transition will take some time just as it would for anyone. Being mainly trap focused will make it hard to pick up newer disciplines. I do shoot sporting clay and doubles ok, but skeet is still new to me. Just this summer I learned how to shoot skeet and every time I’m faced with an option either shoot, trap or skeet; I’ll pick skeet. Once I get to the range I have no prob- lem shooting. Being able to focus on things I love is my strength. Being around people who like to shoot will just bring more and more out of me. My ability to understand

situations without having to think about it is also a strength. Judging leads and shot placement come easy and are easy to en- vision. I think this comes from shooting birds on the farm along with shooting frogs, if done right.”

Check out the March 1 edition of Courier for full story.