Distinguished Service Award Presented To Kearney County FSA Acting Executive Director

County Executive Director Deidra Werner was nominated for the Distinguished Service Award for FSA Agriculture. A prestigious and competitive awards program encourages recognition of National Association of FSA County Office Employees (NASCOE) members who make outstanding contributions in the area in FSA/Agriculture.
Werner has worked for Farm Service Agency for the last 14 years. She started as a Program Technician with the Franklin County FSA office and is now a CED for Webster County FSA in Red Cloud, a member of Nebrascoe, and Acting CED for Kearney County FSA in Minden. She effectively took on the supervisory role for both offices from April 2017 through October 2017. She not only stepped up to this new challenge, but also took on the role to lead both offices with efficiency, encouragement, open communication, and integrity.

see September 12 Courier for full story

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