DLR Group Presents Five Options For Minden Public Schools Improvement

Pat Phelan of DLR Group and close to 50 community members gathered in C.L. Jones Middle School on Monday, February 13 for the fourth patron meeting to discuss facility needs.
At the third meeting, the community had developed multiple propositions and the DLR Group had formatted them into five options, with full cost-projections to present.
Phelan began by reviewing the results of the facility audit conducted by DLR Group, the details of which had been explained at previous facility meetings.
Minden High School contains 59,945 square feet, an extremely small building for a high school. Current enrollment is 241, with an estimated capacity of 350.
The site is on 2.5 acres, with 150 parking stalls and a public street bisecting the high school from the middle school.
Outdoor athletic facilities are isolated from the high school creating efficiency and safety issues. DLR Group said they totaled 72,000 square feet of additional requirements not currently being met.
The middle school, Phelan said, was the best and most flexible building in the district.
Built in 1958, the building holds 87,245 square feet for grades four through eight.
Enrollment is 269 with an estimated capacity of 320 at the middle school, with a 7.5 acre plot and 60 off-street parking stalls.
Band activities are located in the high school, forcing middle schoolers to transit across the street for their rehearsals.
Phelan noted the lack of a life skills classroom as well as the need for additional computer lab space. He said the classrooms are an adequate size for the building to be used for any grade level, making it the most flexible building in the district.

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