Donations To Axtell Community Fund During Kearney County Giving Day Have Double Impact

Local non-profit organizations are dedicated to improving the communities in Kearney County and the quality of life for those who live here. From ensuring the best medical and elderly care to endorsing projects, programs, and the arts, these organizations use donations from their generous donors for the betterment of Kearney County residents. Five local non-profit groups are taking part in the online fundraising event Kearney County Giving Day on November 19. Donations made to the Axtell Community Fund (ACF) during the event will have a double impact thanks to a generous matching grant.

The ACF is a charitable organization whose mission is to enhance Axtell’s quality of life by inspiring investment and encouraging community involvement. In order to achieve this goal, the Axtell Community Fund has created an unrestricted endowment and general fund account to support community projects, programs, and people today and long into the future.

see November 11 Courier for full story