Dr. Alderman Celebrates 30 Years Practicing Optometry in Minden

Dr. Ed Alderman grew up in a small town, so when he finished his degree in chemistry, it was natural to revert to that kind of community. Alderman spent two years teaching in Hastings and working in a chemistry lab before he applied for optometry school. At the same time, Alderman had been looking into a flight contract with the Navy, but, ironically, he did not have good enough eye sight to be a pilot.
After he received his optometry certification, Alderman inquired as to office space in surrounding towns and finally worked out a deal to rent space from the Minden Dental Clinic.
“The dream was to become part of the community,” Alderman said, “And that happened. By the grace of God, I’ve had opportunities and I have a mind for detail.”
Alderman said the future probably sees him slowing things down a bit. He intends to continue working, but with Dr. Andrea Eigenberg sharing the workload, and Dr. Nate Bolen to start in January, Alderman has the luxury of backing off.
“I have been blessed with a great staff and encouragement from my wife.”

For the full story, check out The Minden Courier

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