E-Cigarette Sale Banned For Youth In Nebraska

The Nebraska State Legislature passed a bill last week outlawing the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone younger than 18 years old. Minors caught using the product could face a misdemeanor charge. Prior to the bill’s passage, there was no law in Nebraska banning minors from buying them. The Food and Drug Administration who regulates the tobacco industry is moving towards regulating e-cigarettes but doesn’t yet include them in their definition of “Tobacco Products”.
The bill’s sponsor, Senator Russ Karpisek of Wilber said that there hasn’t been enough study to know if e-cigarettes are safe. The bill passed with a vote of 48-0.
The few places in Minden that sell e-cigarettes already limited the sale to people 18 or older and card purchasers at the point of sale. Scott Pinkham, manager of Casey’s General Store in Minden, said that it is Casey’s company policy to sell e-cigarettes only to adults. “I was glad they (Nebraska State Legislature) passed the ban,” Pinkham said. “It’s just another stepping stone for kids who haven’t smoked cigarettes to get hooked and maybe start.”

See the April 16th Courier for full article.

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