Easement Approved

Mayor Ted Griess had two announcements during the September 8 meeting of the Minden City Council. On behalf of the City of Minden he expressed sympathy to the City of McCook for the loss of two utility workers who were found at their wastewater treatment plant. On a less somber note, he announced the Water Warning has ended in Minden and the recent water discoloration has been addressed.

Kevin and Julie Krull requested an easement from the City to extend their fence line. No reasons for denying the easement were presented. Following council discussion, language was added to the easement document noting any expenses incurred are the responsibility of the Krulls. The easement was approved with the additional language.

Resolution 1709 authorizing the mayor to sign the Municipal Annual Certification of Program Compliance form was approved. The resolution and compliance form replaces the annual filing of the One and Six Year Plan and the former Standardized System of Annual Reporting with the Nebraska Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards.

see September 16 Courier for full story