Electrical Rates Will Increase February 1

It’s official and it’s more bad news.
Electrical rates for residents and businesses in Minden will increase  beginning February 1.
The rate increase was approved at the Tuesday night meeting of the city council on a 3-1 vote with Councilman Larry Evans voting against the rate hike.
The increase, said City Administrator Brent Lewis, was caused by a 9.6 percent wholesale rate increase  by the city’s electrical provider, Nebraska Public Power District.
NPPD’s wholesale cost to the city is 5.66 cents per kilowatt-hour, however the city is piggy-backing on an additional 8.34 cents to NPPD’s cost,  raising the cost to residents and businesses  14 cents per kilowatt-hour for electrical power.
The increase jumps the cost per kilowatt-hour from 11 cents to 14 cents for electrical customers, an increase of approximately 21 percent.
Electrical power is one of the largest sources of revenue for the city.

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