Ellis Carries Pony Express Mail From Fort Kearny

Visitors gathered at Fort Kearny in the early hours of June 12 for a biscuit and gravy breakfast and to witness the mail exchange during the National Pony Express Association (NPEA) annual Pony Express Re-ride. Tanner Ellis, 14, of Minden held the honor of transporting a mochila of mail from Fort Kearny to the next stop in the relay.
The annual Pony Express Re-ride is held every June. Members of the NPEA commemorate the Pony Express with a 1,966 mile ride through eight states. Letters are carried by horseback over the original trail. Over 750 riders participate in the ten day, 24 hours a day, relay to get the mochila of letters between Sacramento, California and St. Joseph, Missouri. In even numbered years, mail is carried east for the re-ride and in odd numbered years it is carried west.
Tanner got involved with the Re-ride three years ago. A member of his church approached the Ellis family to ask if they would like to participate in the annual event.

see June 19 Courier for full story