Events Detail Tragedy In Minden

On Saturday, family and friends of city employee Robert Honomichl gathered for his memorial services in Minden. The tragic accident that led to his death and caused the near-death of his supervisor, Mike Kleen, happened a week earlier in a sewer lift station along West 5th Street in Minden near the outdoor classroom.
“This case is just very shocking. I had all the confidence in the world Bob was going to get better, and pull through this. That didn’t happen,” said Minden Mayor Roger Jones. “This was something that they (Bob and Mike) have done hundreds of times.”
On Sunday, August 11, Minden City Water Supervisor Mike Kleen had alerted City Administrator Matt Cederburg that he was working on a sewage lift station located on West 5th Street near the Outdoor Classroom.
There are several lift stations in Minden and the role of the stations is to move sewage towards the treatment plant. Two sewer mains feed raw sewage into the 20 foot deep lift station where a submersible pump then lifts the sewage up to another main where it can be gravity fed down the line on its way to the sewage treatment plant.

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