Falk Brothers Collect And Sell Hudsons

Melvin Falk of Wilcox and Ron Falk of Albion love their Hudsons. “They make good race cars,” Ron said. The two brothers own the Falk Hudson Lot in Wilcox where a person can find anything and everything related to the cars produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company.
On a hot July afternoon Ron and Melvin heave and push a vintage Hudson while Jesse Spangler of Wilcox drives a tractor into position to pull the rusting car out of a storage shed and on to a trailer. It doesn’t look like much now but at one time it was a fine automobile. The car is heading to New York where the purchaser plans to restore it.
Before the Disney Pixar movie Cars came out, few people were familiar with the 1950s Hudson Hornet or its famed Twin-H-Power option. The movie character, Doc Hudson, was based on the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, a famous NASCAR Grand National (now Sprint Cup Series) and AAA stock car produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company.
The Fabulous Hudson Hornet’s inline six-cyclinder powered engine combined with the car’s light weight and low center of gravity allowed its drivers to dominate various stock car racing series from 1951 to 1954. It consistently beat other cars powered by larger, more modern engines.

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