Family Remembers Bob Honomichl

As details emerged about the tragic accident on Sunday, August 11 involving Minden city employees Mike Kleen and Robert Honomichl, it was clear that many acts of heroism took place during the rescue.
While both men were rescued alive from the 20 foot deep sewage pump station they had fallen into, Honomichl succumbed to his injuries two days later and passed away at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney.
Kleen and Honomichl were on-call for the City that day, ready to tackle whatever utility problem may arise. City Administrator Matt Cederburg discovered the employees after the accident and made the 911 call for help.
“Those guys, whether its sewer back-up or snow emergency or whatever it is, they take the call, they go out and fix it. They don’t even blink an eye,” Cederburg stated.
One of the many acts of heroism that day happened at the bottom of that lift station, where both men, nearly submerged in sewage, were fighting to maintain consciousness. Witnesses at the scene reported that Honomichl kept Kleen from sinking below the surface of the sludge several times while waiting for their rescue.
That’s no surprise to anyone who knows Bob Honomichl, especially his family.

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