Farmers Market Keeps Retired Farmer Active

There may still be snow on the ground with chances of more to come, but Spring is just around the corner. Leaves will fill the trees, flowers will grow from the soil, and residents can begin to enjoy the freshest produce available at the local farmers market. Retired farmer Edwin Choquette has already begun preparing for the upcoming season.
“We plant everything from seeds. I have an incubator in one greenhouse and we plant our seeds in there. It’s got grow lights in it and a little heater that keeps it 80 degrees so we don’t have to heat the big greenhouse until the plants get big enough that we put them in the ground,” Choquette explained. “We’ve got onions out there, cabbage, broccoli, and tomatoes are already up.”
Choquette has been selling produce at the Minden farmers market since 2000. Attending these events allows him to share his abundant harvests, earn some extra money, and give gardening advice to those who ask.

see March 13 Courier for full story

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