Fifth Generation Of Fritzes Continue Grocery Legacy In Hildreth

Grocery stores are an important feature in rural communities with successful businesses fostering vitality and growth throughout the town itself. The Fritz family has been serving the grocery needs of Hildreth since the 1940s and that service has become their legacy at Fritz’s Market.

Although the store name has changed from Henry Fritz and Son to Farmers Union Co-op to Hildreth IGA and finally Fritz’s Market, the Fritz family has dedicated themselves to the grocery industry in Hildreth. Fritz children begin working at the family owned store early stocking shelves and moving up to cashier and eventually manager and even owner.

Henry Fritz and his son, Justin, began the grocery legacy in the 1940s. Vernetta Fritz continued the tradition and on December 2, 1982, Cal and Doug Fritz purchased the grocery store from their mother. Under their guidance, the company grew and expanded as the brothers opened Fritz’s Meat in Holdrege in 1999. Doug took charge of the meat shop in Holdrege and Cal focused on the grocery store in Hildreth. Leadership of Fritz’s Market passed to the fifth generation on March 1, 2021 when Cal retired and Matt Fritz, Doug’s son, took over daily operation of Fritz’s Market.

see April 14 Courier for full story