Former Minden Student Charlie Fobie Is Seeking Help For Medical Expenses

A little over a year ago, 16 year old sophomore Charlie Fobie of Lincoln returned home from football practice with what he thought was just heat rash but turned out to be much more. He had a rash that covered his face and ran a fever for two months. The former Minden youth has endured many procedures and thousands of tests. He has been through seven rounds of chemotherapy in hopes of suppressing whatever is attacking his eyes resulting in dead spots in his central vision and bleeding in the back of his eyes. He faces the looming possibility of going blind if doctors are unable to stabilize the bleeding and damage to his eyes.
So far there is no conclusive diagnosis. He has been tested for nearly everything with all negative results. Erratic lab tests returned to normal last week giving the family something positive to focus on. He is being treated subjectively for the symptoms including injections into his eye. Insurance does not cover these treatments because there is no diagnosis to support them.

For full story see September 16 Courier

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