FoxFit Opens Location In Axtell

Former army master fitness and staff sergeant Jason Fox has relocated his training center to Axtell.  While in Kearney, FoxFit helped people lose over 1,500 combined pounds. Now Fox is changing lives one pound at a time with a focus on youth development and a more individualized program.
“If you come in, it’s because you want to change yourself and we do that together. Before, people could look at the schedule and come in when they felt like it. Now I’m holding them accountable and really focusing on the individual,” Fox said.
To reach his goal, Fox meets with his clients to create a plan and schedule unique to their needs. Currently 22 adults and 25 kids are taking advantage of his services. Some of the youth members helped him make the decision to move his business.

for full story see February 10 Courier

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