Future Of Pool Now In Hands Of Voters

The reality of a new swimming pool in the town of Axtell now lies in the hands of the voters.
The Axtell Village board  passed resolution Monday evening to place a $1.5 million bond issue on the ballot for construction of a new swimming pool in the community.
The 40 year old swimming pool is currently leaking 2,000 to 3,000 gallons of water daily from the piping underneath the pool, and that’s a conservative estimate, remarked Dan Wiese, Utility Supervisor for the Village of Axtell.  To make matters worse, the concrete block walls of the bath house are crumbling.  “The concrete block walls are pulling away in the corners,” said Wiese. “The reinforcement wire in the walls is rusting, the mortar is crumbling and the finish is flaking off.  Right now there are so many things wrong that it would be too hard to start in one place and fix it.” The best thing, commented Wiese, would be knock it down and start over.
The question of where the pool would be located was answered on Monday evening at a joint meeting of the village board and the Axtell school board.
The Village board met with the Axtell Community School board to discuss plans to locate the new swimming pool on school land; however village board members were less than pleased with an interlocal agreement forming a twenty year lease of school land to the village for the swimming pool and  a $125,000 commitment of funds to construct a dual use concession and bathroom facility.

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