Halloween Creates Limitless Possibilities For Minden Artist

Halloween is the best holiday for an artist, says Minden’s Paula Richards, because the possibilities are limitless.  
And Richards would know, her two story 1906 house on Garber Avenue is filled with an endless array of imaginative creatures created from materials that usually end up in a garbage can.
A self-taught artist, Paula utilizes the medium of paper mache to create her menagerie of whimsical Halloween characters that include two life-size witches, a mummy that guards the back entrance, a stately butler with his head on a plate, and a plethora of jack-o’-lanterns, ghouls and creatures of all shapes and sizes.  
All the characters were created from recycled materials and found objects transformed by Richards’ endless creativity and imagination.  
“Paper mache is an old art form that really took off in the 1800s,” said Richards. “It has taken me about two years to perfect my technique and the recipe for my sculpting medium.  It’s a very ‘green’ craft because it uses mostly recycled materials, newspaper, cardboard, wire, balloons, packing foam, cellulose insulation and joint compound.”

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