Holocaust Survivor Kati Williams To Speak On April 11 In Minden

The community of Minden will have the pleasure of listening to Holocaust survivor Kati (Kitty) Ehrenfeld Williams’ remarkable story about her experience at Auschwitz Concentration Camp and other Nazi persecutions in her native Hungry. Williams now resides in Council Bluffs, Iowa and is a distant relative of Glen Haselbarth of Minden.


The presentation will be held at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minden on Thursday, April 11, starting at 7 p.m.


As the number of Holocaust survivors dwindles it is important to hear their unbelievable stories of courage and survival and preserve every story and take to heart that what the survivors went through was a horrifying ordeal.


Williams was born in Eastern Hungary in the town of Sarand in 1924 and was the second oldest of eight siblings. Kitty and her two sisters were able to survive Auschwitz and another sister escaped certain demise on the Budapest Death March and two brothers made it out of forced labor camps which was miraculous since other families were not so fortunate.


Williams details her experience from when Germany invaded Hungary until her freedom by the United States Armed forces from Auschwitz. She lived to tell and her story needs to be heard and experienced by all generations.


If you need further information contact Haselbarth at 832-0785.

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