Holocaust Survivor: Williams Relives Her Story About The Holocaust

The area residents of Minden were treated to a very special guest on Thursday at Westminster Presbyterian Church.


Speaking was Kati (Kitty) Ehrenfeld Williams, a Holocaust survivor, which each day become fewer and fewer. Williams was reluctant to tell her story until 2009 when an Omaha World-Herald reporter found her and approached her about telling her story. She agreed and she has been spreading her story to whoever wants to listen.


Williams was here in Minden to tell her first-hand account of her Nazi experiences from Hungary to Auschwitz to Germany. Williams came to Minden to speak first to the sixth grade C.L. Jones Middle School students and then the main presentation thanks to her distant relative Glen Haselbarth of Minden.


Williams started her talking points on how she decided to start to share her story. The first was the deniers, and there are quite a few who think the Holocaust doesn’t exist and the second was because there were six million Jews killed and five million others that along with the Jews were murdered, tortured and killed by the German killing machine.


The full article can be found in the April 17, 2013, edition of the Minden Courier.

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