Honoring Cold War Veteran Patrick Haight

Veteran’s Day is coming up on November 11 and is a day where we pay tribute to those who have served for our country. The Minden Courier wants to highlight veterans’ service and this year we are honoring Cold War veteran Patrick Haight.

Patrick Haight has been many things throughout his lifetime: a father, husband, brother, clerk, teacher, custodian, these are just a few things I picked up on during our brief conversation. Patrick Haight was just a small town farm boy who wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do coming out of high school so he decided to enlist into the national guard in the summer of his junior and senior year.

“I was a farm boy,I didn’t know what I wanted to do… so that would give me another three years to learn. I knew I didn’t want to go in cold turkey so that’s why I joined the national guard. One month before going to the army, I stopped going to the national guard and they complained about that, so they called me up and I told them well you can’t draft me I’m already signed up.” Haight said.

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