Increased Land Valuations Equal Good News For Tax Payers

The valuations are in and it may mean good news forĀ  Kearney County tax payers.
The preliminary figures show that valuation increased 73 million dollars in 2009-2010, an increase of over 8 percent from last year.
The total county valuation is $911,521,530.00.
“This increase in valuation is favorable to the tax base,” said Kearney County Supervisor Dick McBride, “and property taxes may not go up.”
The preliminary calculated levy for Kearney County will be .337811, down from last year’s levy of .350667.
Tax asking for the county will be $3,079,23.00.
The county supervisors faced the challenge of decreasing tax asking $311,500.00, however after changing some revenues, finding a $90,000 line item error and paring down some department budgets, the supervisors met their $300,000 goal. The budget hearing will be held on September 14.

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