KAAPA Ethanol Improves Efficiency And Community With Expansion

KAAPA Ethanol Plant just completed its eighth year of production since coming to Minden in 2003.
Since that time they have progressed from producing 40 million gallons of ethanol annually, to their current level of 60 million gallons per year, with the majority of their product going to clients in California, though some finds its way to Texas, and to international destinations as well.
As KAAPA’s capability has grown, so has the ethanol business. For an industry that largely has shipped single cars, transportation efficiency  has required growth to the standard now at 96 cars per train for the BNSF railroad.  And there continues to be discussion about that number growing.
The thinking behind the growth is efficiency. Where as KAAPA ethanol was once picked up by a train, along with cars from other places, and shipped to McCook where it would wait for another train to take it to a stop in Nevada, Phoenix or other places. Then it would sit there before making its way to Los Angeles or Sacramento.

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