KCC Feeding Welcomes Foreign Visitors

Visitors from across the country and around the world have been stopping in Kearney County to take a gander at a sight that is second nature to every resident of the area: cattle. Although the scene is one most Nebraskans don’t think much about, KCC Feeding is welcoming the foreign spectators and teaching them a bit about where their beef comes from.
Owner and founder of KCC Feeding John Wubbenhorst has been in the cattle industry his whole life. He grew up in eastern Nebraska and later worked at a ranch near Burwell. From there he worked for a rancher south of Kearney before managing three rented yards near Minden and finally building his own feed yard south of Norman.
“When the DEQ came in and said they had to have ponds, there was no financial way to build a pond on someone else’s ground and still make money. So we built the feed yard in 2004,” John recalled.

see May 24 Courier for full story

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