KCHS Board of Trustees Hears Expansion Update, On Schedule

The Kearney County Health Services Board of Trustees approved a $750 change in the plans for theexpansion project ongoing at the hospital.
The change involved replacing the original, combination waste basket and manual paper towel dispenser with a stainless steel waste basket in the wall, with a disconnected automated paper towel dispenser.
The extra cost was mostly a result of the stainless steel component of the baskets. Fred Meis, hospital CEO, said the change was agreed on because the rest of the building has automated dispensers and it didn’t make sense to have the new portion equipped with manual versions.
Steve Gaasch of Beckenhauer Construction, gave the board a short explanation of the expansion’s status. He said the addition’s roof is now  entirely waterproof, and brickwork has begun on top.
Measurements were being taken on the window frames, but it had been decided to install the windows after the brick work. Grading work was also underway to finish the south side parking lot.
Meanwhile, inside, dry walling had begun. Plumbers had started installing copper piping, and the building passed its recent electrical inspection.

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