KCHS Hospital Expansion Works Ahead Of Schedule

The Kearney County Health Services Board of Trustees received a report on the ongoing expansion during their meeting on Wednesday, February 29.
The rubber roof is 95 percent installed, with brick expected to be done in the coming week. The building was fully framed with a weather membrane to keep moisture out.
The interior of the expansion is almost entirely framed, with electricians and plumbers working inside.
The backing is also being placed for wall fixtures, and the project was expected to move to the dry-wall stage in roughly one month.
Additionally, the duct work had begun, sealed off with plastic to avoid the invasion of dust and animals.
Additionally, some places of the project are six months ahead of schedule due to favorable weather, and overall the project is on schedule.
Board Member Clark Abrahamson brought up the concern over sound in the cardiac rehab area, and he was assured the new rehab area would be insulated for protection from such distractions.
Following the report, Rebekah Mussman, CFO, gave the monthly financial report. She noted January had been busier than December, including 10 acute admissions, and 36 acute care days, leaving the acute projections close to prior fiscal year results.
The month also saw 10 observation visits, and 4,508 lab procedures, up from last year. The hospital performed 117 X-Rays, 20 CT Scans, and seven ultrasounds.
Cardiac rehab was down to 34 procedures, but still up from the previous year. Therapy was up for the month and the hospital had nine outpatient surgical procedures, as well as 51 E.R. visits. Total outpatient visits are still down from the prior year, and long term care is down from December.
Assisted living is full once again, and the clinic received 798 visits over the course of the month.

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