KCHS Service Line Grows With Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic

The services offered at Kearney County Health Services continue to grow in an effort to provide well rounded quality care to patients. The latest expansion of services comes in the form of onsite outpatient rehabilitation services. 

 “KCHS pursued bringing this service line in-house at a time where all healthcare services continue to gravitate toward an outpatient setting, especially within the last ten years. As we continue to see growth in our outpatient surgery service line specifically, this in turn led to the opportunity for further improvement in the continuum of care by bringing outpatient rehabilitation in-house at KCHS,” Luke Poore, KCHS CEO said. “An example would be how close our Physical Therapists work with our Orthopedist onsite, Dr. Schopp, circulating with Dr. Schopp in clinic while he sees patients, allowing us to best round out the patient experience. The outpatient market is something we continue to devote quite a few resources to as we look towards the future. We have seen this trend across the majority of outpatient service lines including Primary Care, Specialty Care, Laboratory, and Radiology to name a few, and we’ve seen nice trends of growth year-to-year.”

see March 10 Courier for full story