KCHS Trustees Met Sept. 29

The Kearney County Health Services Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting on September 29. The agenda had several new business items for the board to consider.

First was an HVAC improvement proposal. While reviewing the current HVAC System for the Hospital following some recent upgrades, the team from Rutts Heating & Air noticed how quickly the humidifiers were filling with deposits due to the water quality. A suggestion was made to install Reverse Osmosis (RO) water kits into the humidifiers that would help prevent further buildup and corrosion. 

With the RO system, the hope is there would no longer be an annual cleaning cost, an estimated $2-3,000/annually, for the life of the humidifiers which will help offset the unbudgeted expense of installing the system. The board approved the proposal from Rutts for RO water kits and installation for $13,280.

see October 6 Courier for full story