KCHS Warns Of Suspicious Calls

Kearney County Health Services has been made aware that the patients we serve in Kearney County and the surrounding areas have received suspicious phone calls requesting information.  This may include information for survey purposes, but also Protective Health Information including but not limited to Birth Dates, Social Security Numbers, Name, and Addresses.  Please know that this is NOT Kearney County Health Services.  These are inquiries pretending to be on behalf of Kearney County Health Services, and are instead attempts to illegally retrieve your information.

We do NOT use phone calls for survey purposes, and would not request this information or any other Protective Health Information over the phone.  Should you have received a call of this nature, please ask for their call back information, then report this activity to the Minden Police Department.  Kearney County Health Services has alerted the department that this activity is taking place, and with enough information, they may be able to open an FBI investigation into these illegal activities.