Kearney County Giving Day Is Nov. 18

The Kearney County Community Foundation is pleased to announce plans for the second On-line Kearney County Giving Day, set for November 18th, 2021. The Foundation hopes that the Giving Day promotion provides an easy way to support the important work local 501c3 organizations do here in Kearney County.

Participating organizations are recognized by the IRS as 501c3’s and include the Bethany Home Foundation, Kearney County Health Services Fund, Minden Opera House, Axtell Community Fund, Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation, and the Kearney County Community Foundation. Each group has its own mission and goals, but each plays a vital role in Kearney County.

The window for donations is open, and donations will be accepted through the month, with the culmination being November 18th. Making a contribution to one or more of the participating organizations can be done online or by mail.

For online donations visit and click on the Giving Day tab. The website allows for credit card payments as well as payments through a bank account. Donors can select the organization they wish to support and with just a few keystrokes make their gift.

see November 3 Courier for full story